Sanitizing protection, Sanitizing Lighting, design, Engineer, Spec, Budget, Request for proposal, Supervise, Cordinate, Time schedulling, Under Floor Air distribution, Lighting control, Windows film, Finishes, Blinds, Furniture, voice and data, Control Access, CCTV, HVAC, Smart Systems, Saving energy study,  and built complete Project.

Pure Zone.jpg
           Pure Zone

sanitizing protection by photocatalysing a nano technological compound

           Sanitizing UV Lighting

With Cooper lighting solutions, sanitizing protection by means of UV lamps in office interiors

           Under Floor Air Distribition System

Airfixture make the engineer directly in his laboratory on Kansas City, in this place make  spec equipment and distribution. to confirm that all the Plein Air system work acording with your requarements. sail the equipment directly to the customer. with this you can save 38% in cost equipment.

           Design, built and Benefical Delivery office space.


We can design all your office with the most technology with Cooper Lighting, Smart systems and saving energy, voice and data, fire detection, fire protection, CCT, Control Access, and buit , delivery Done your Project in time, cost and quality. saving money to you.